I’ve received an eviction notice, now what?

We know that the eviction process can be scary and traumatic, and we want to help. Our team of trained housing experts are here to walk you through the process to help you keep your current home.

The best way to prevent eviction is to reach out for help before you get a notice of eviction from your landlord. If you’re having trouble making your payments, reach out to United Housing at 901-272-1122. We can help you budget to make payments easier, negotiate with your landlord or connect you with available resources in your community.

If you have already received an eviction notice, we can still help. There are a few things that you can do immediately to help you stay in your home. 

Record the date you received your eviction notice.

To help you in the best way possible, we need to know whether your eviction was filed before or after March 2020. COVID-19 protections within the CARES Act apply to evictions filed after late March 2020. We can still help you no matter when your eviction was filed, but the tools we use will be different depending upon your unique situation.

Record your reason for eviction. 

The protections for renters included in the CARES Act state that landlords can’t evict tenants for missing payments for 90 days during the COVID-19 pandemic. Landlords can still file eviction for other reasons, like breaking your lease agreement, destruction of property or illegal activity. We can still help you if you are being evicted for a reason other than missed payments, but we need to know that ahead of time so we can compile the right information to help you.

Gather proof of financial hardship.

Eviction protection in the CARES Act does not require proof of financial hardship to justify missed rent payments, but including this information as we work through your case can help us access support. There are national, state and community programs that can help people who are struggling with finances because of COVID-19. With your proof of financial hardship, you may have access to additional funds that might help you get back on your feet. This proof could include an email from your employer informing you of layoffs because of COVID-19, furlough paperwork, etc.  

Call United Housing. 

Once you’ve compiled your information, give us a call at 901-272-1122. Our team of trained housing counselors can help walk you through the eviction process. We believe that decent, affordable housing is a human right, and we will advocate for you to help you stay in your home.

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