Get rid of wintry gloom and embrace the fresh feel and bright colors of spring! Give the exterior of your home some seasonal TLC when the season changes with these outdoor rehab ideas.

First impressions can be tough, so make them easier by giving your home’s entryway a more welcoming feel. Start by adding a fresh finish or new handle to your door. Spruce up the path leading up to your door by introducing some stepping stones or new potted plants. Next, grant a new coat of paint to your mailbox or fix that dent that’s been there for too long! Think about replacing your house numbers with shinier ones or polishing the existing ones.

Photo Sep 15 11 11 57 AM copyDon’t let things get too rough around the hedges. When adding new, beautiful flowers or plants to the outside of your home, remember to trim tree branches and bushes, as well as pull weeds. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, consider choosing low-maintenance plants that still spruce things up. Additionally, maintain a mowed and watered lawn so the grass is greener on your side.

Outdoor maintenance isn’t as fun as planting a rose bush, but it’s even more important because it improves your home’s curbside appeal and longevity. Clean the gutters, fix concrete cracks and remove cobwebs or smudges from exterior windows. Inspect the safety levels of outdoor fixtures, such as the sturdiness of railings and fences, or trees close in proximity to electrical lines. Keep an eye out for water leakage and broken shingles.Fixing small things now could save the headache later.

Final touches
Lights can make the world of difference in brightening (literally and figuratively) your home’s exterior. The addition of a new light or lamp to your porch can give it a glowing and more homey appearance. How about some front door décor? Try a fun wreath or a cute welcome mat. These inviting touches are usually relatively inexpensive and easy to find. Finally, try some outdoor spring cleaning. Old items in your garage or a patio chair that you rarely use are all things that might be better elsewhere and can reduce the possibility of a cluttered-looking exterior.

Let these tips help you to reflect the excitement of spring on your home! It’s the perfect time to amplify curbside appeal.

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