How can you support the development of affordable housing in Memphis?

If you find yourself waking up this morning with a roof over your head and a bed in which to sleep, consider yourself fortunate! Home insecurity is a difficult reality for many members of our community, and a severe lack of affordable, decent housing is partly to blame.

There’s no need to feel any guilt. We would love for everyone to wake up in their warm beds, especially during this winter season! But we do want you to recognize how fortunate you are while thinking about how you can help others overcome housing insecurity.

So, what can you do to help support the development of affordable housing in Memphis? First, you can share your knowledge with your friends and neighbors. If you know families who are renting and think homeownership may not be an option for them, let them know about United Housing. We can supply the knowledge that families need to actualize their dream of homeownership.

Next, be sure to vote! Many organizations like United Housing receive government support that makes our program possible. Without this support, we’re limited in how much aide we can provide to families. Your candidates, especially local officials, might also take stances on development in your community and city. Consider candidate positions on housing and development when you head to the polls.

Finally, you can make an enormous impact by becoming a regular donor to United Housing. As a not-for-profit organization, we invest every penny beyond our operational costs into programs that support families striving toward homeownership, and we even build affordable homes for families to purchase! When you support United Housing with a one-time or recurring gift, you’re investing in families, the education of children, the revitalization of neighborhoods and a reduction in crime, all of which are impacted when we have more homeowners in our community.

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