How homeownership can impact your family

Purchasing a home undoubtedly positively impacts the buyer, but what about the other family members living in the home? Fortunately, they reap the benefits, too! At United Housing, our mission is to make that improved well-being possible for the underserved families who may not realize homeownership is within reach. We strive to provide quality, affordable housing opportunities in an impoverished city that boasts more substandard rental units than owner-occupied homes, according to American Housing Survey.

Parents have a lot on their plates - kids, work, their own parents, bills and more. All these important things that they are responsible for can lead to quite a bit of worry. Owning a home offers a safe place to land amid the chaos of life and can serve as a solution to many of these issues. For example, did you know homeowners are known to experience higher levels of life satisfaction, self-esteem and perceived control over life? The positivity that stems from these areas is contagious and can create a happier, more stable environment for everyone involved.

The condition of the home matters as well. Because homeowners are economically invested in the property they inhabit, they are more likely to maintain their living space at a higher level. As a result, all family members living in the home experience a cleaner, higher-quality environment. Those in houses of poor quality are more likely to be exposed to harmful conditions and overcrowding, both of which can result in negative health effects. Realtor University’s report highlights a significant correlation between poor housing and health problems, especially respiratory conditions such as asthma, injury and exposure to toxic substances like mold, which can cause a variety of respiratory issues. These effects are heightened in Memphis, where energy burdens are among the top five highest in the country.

The benefits don’t stop there.

And, a recent study put out by Children’s Health Watch noted that the medical expenses accumulated by children living in unstable housing contributed $8 billion in avoidable health care and education costs in 2016. That’s a burden we all feel. Furthermore, over the next ten years, researchers project health and education costs to rise to $111 billion!

It’s crucial for United Housing to let families living in renter-occupied dwellings know that homeownership may not be easy, but it is possible and there are organizations out there to help them make it happen through financial education and credit counseling. To put it simply, preparing Mid-South residents to become homebuyers is the heart of everything we do. Purchasing a home is not just a luxury - it’s an important benefit to many aspects of life. The ripple effects of homeownership extend beyond the house, creating stable, healthy environments.

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