Preston and Barbara Gilliam - guests on The Bev Johnson Show on 1070 WDIA.

Family takes advantage of United Housing's Home RePAIR program

After hearing about United Housing's Home RePAIR program on The Bev Johnson Show on 1070 WDIA, Preston and Barbara Gilliam knew right away it was exactly what they needed. The couple quickly contacted United Housing for an application, and within days they were notified of approval of the 1.5% loan to help repair damages to their home's roof and ceiling.

"We could not be happier about the work performed on our home," said Preston. "Mr. William Hampton and his Network Construction organization went above and beyond; the workers were courteous, respectful and did a wonderful job."

Many people need home repairs, but don't know who to call, which is why the Gilliams took the opportunity to be guests on The Bev Johnson Show's "Ask the Expert" segment. They wanted to share with others how smooth and organized the process was for them, so that others, who may not necessarily have cash on hand, can still upgrade their homes. In addition to visiting the studio to show gratitude to Bev Johnson for airing this helpful information, the Gilliams also wrote a thank you letter to United Housing.

"We want to thank United Housing for having this loan program and taking us through the process," they wrote. "From start to finish, every step of the process was handled in a professional manner, and we are very pleased with the outcome."

United Housing's program and services ensure quality repair work and good inspections in order to keep people's homes maintained and in good condition.

"Receiving the thank you letter was a treat for our staff," said Tim Bolding, Executive Director of United Housing. "Through our work, we can help provide real solutions to housing problems and help customers live in safe and healthy homes. If we can get more people's homes repaired, then neighborhoods will continue to be positively impacted."

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