Homebuyer Education Coordinator Kendra Love Chosen for THDA Homebuyer Education Advisory Board!

A HUD-certified Homebuyer Education (HBE) counselor, Kendra Love has been working at UHI for seven years. Being the Homebuyer Education Coordinator entails one-on-one counseling and teaching dozens of students each month in two eight-hour HBE workshops.

UHI is the leading housing counseling agency in Memphis and fourth in the state of Tennessee for production, according to Tennessee Housing Development Agency’s (THDA) Homebuyer Education Initiative Peer Session.  With UHI and Kendra having so much good experience teaching and working with HBE customers, it is no wonder that Kendra has recently been named to the THDA Homebuyer Education Advisory Board. The THDA  Homebuyer Education Advisory Board was formed as a committee to give housing and financial educators a channel from which to consult THDA in their efforts to support sustainable housing choices, and strong communities and neighborhoods in Tennessee.

In the past, Kendra has been involved with THDA through trainings and her attendance at Homebuyer Education Initiative Peer Review Sessions. Based on her knowledge of the housing education industry, combined with her dedication and commitment to the profession, Kendra was selected to represent UHI and West Tennessee. She will be an asset to the advisory board and help amplify the homebuyers' collective voice for the West Tennessee region.

Kendra's duties as a board member will include working with other HBE providers and THDA organizations from all over the state of Tennessee. They will meet a minimum of three times per year, with their discussions focusing on housing education. It is the hope of THDA that the Board will "encourage partnerships and the free flow of ideas and recommendations on better ways to serve our THDA stakeholders and the residents of Tennessee," according to a THDA communication.

We are honored to be at the table, but not surprised that Kendra is recognized for her excellent work, dedication, and commitment to Homebuyer Education!

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