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At United Housing, we promote homeownership by giving people the information and agency they need to pursue the homebuying process with confidence. Dee joined the team at UHI and was inspired to make an investment in herself and in her son’s future. After a year of saving, she was able to purchase her dream home. But buying a house is only the first step in the homeownership process, and like anything, adjusting to homeownership can have its highs and lows.

Dee has now been a homeowner for a little longer than three months. She says that she is slowly but surely coming to feel settled in her home. Doing things like decorating the house’s common areas has made the space feel more like her own. 

“It’s really starting to set in,” she explained, “I can’t believe all of this is mine.”

In her new life as a homeowner, Dee has started to see firsthand the value of tips she learned through UHI’s Homebuyer Education Courses. She performs regular home maintenance to save time and money in the long run and she prioritizes her bills to stay timely and consistent with home and utility payments. Additionally, Dee learned about the importance of home security through UHI, but didn’t anticipate appreciating it as much as she has. 

“I thought home security was just changing the locks,” said Dee. “However, I learned that there was more to it than that, and got a home security system set up – which has given me so much peace.”

As far as homeownership’s challenges, Dee happily reports there have been little to no issues. There was a neighboring property owned by the city that had weeds growing out of control. Thanks to her education with UHI, she knew to call Memphis 311 to start the process of weed removal and yard maintenance. 

Since moving in, Dee has tackled many DIY projects both inside and outside her home, all while adhering to a strict budget. Dee plans to weatherize her home for winter and is using these chilly, fall nights as test runs to see which cracks and crevices might be letting the cold air in, helping her decide which areas need caulking and weatherization strips. 

When asked what most excites her about being a homeowner, Dee says it’s just the fact that she has a great place to call home. 

“I ride up to my yard and just stare at it before pulling into my carport,” said Dee. “I’m definitely in the ‘honeymoon phase of homeownership – I love it!” 

We’ll continue to follow Dee’s journey as a homeowner throughout the first year in her home. Keep up with Untied Housing on our website and social media for more about Dee! 

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