How to talk with your children and family about eviction or foreclosure

Due to COVID-19, many families are finding themselves faced with the possibility of eviction or foreclosure. These things can be frightening as an adult, so it is especially scary for kids who might not even be exactly sure what these words mean – which is why you should talk openly about these issues with your children. These are struggles many people with and without children face, the best thing you can do is talk openly about it with your kids. Here’s how:


Be honest

It’s important to be honest when speaking with children about sensitive topics like eviction and foreclosure. Don’t hide anything from them, and be sure you answer all of the questions they might have. Of course, you do not have to tell them everything, but giving them some information will allow them to better navigate the situation and is better than leaving them in the dark. 


Include them

Another way to extend your conversations with your kids about these topics is by keeping them updated and included in the process. Now, you don’t have to take your child with you to meet with a lawyer, however, it’s important that they know what could be coming next. Try to explain what steps you might be taking soon and how it could affect them. This will allow them to feel more at ease, as they’ll know what to expect, while also teaching them life skills that could come in handy in the future.


Provide reassurance

While this can be a difficult time, it’s important that as an adult, you try to have a handle on your own emotions during conversations with your child surrounding these topics. Kids will be scared and anxious, so you should be someone they can turn to with their questions and uncertainties. Be strong for them by acting as you normally would, providing them with the reassurance that although their housing situation might change, you will not. 


Consider its impact on them

Above all, be cognizant of the individual changes your child might have to go through, and the significant impact it can have on their lives. It could be more than just moving homes, but potentially moving school districts and leaving a neighborhood of friends and familiar faces. It’s common for us to view kids as resilient, which they are, but we shouldn’t discount the profound impact change can have on their lives


It’s important that you remember that these things, although they might feel like it, are NOT the end of the road, and finding yourself with an eviction notice or with your home in danger of foreclosure, has nothing to do with what kind of parent you are, and how much you love your family. Homeownership is still possible, regardless of any setback. Call United Housing today, and we can help you get back on your feet.

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