Eviction is not the end of the road

Our city is facing an eviction crisis – and you or a loved one might be trying to navigate the process. While local agencies, nonprofits, attorneys and community activists are working to keep people in their homes, it is likely that hundreds, if not thousands, of families will lose their homes over the next few months. 


The eviction process can be disheartening, traumatic and confusing. To have the roof over your head taken away from you can lead you down a trail of negative thoughts. But there is still hope – even if you’ve been evicted there are organizations like United Housing that want you to get back on your feet and guide you toward homeownership. 


Is homeownership realistic if I’ve been evicted?

Yes. There is no situation where a person cannot start working toward homeownership. Some individuals work toward this goal more quickly than others, but the team at United Housing will support you for as long as it takes to get you into your new home. We can help you build your credit, which might be affected by your eviction if your late payments were turned over to a corrections agency. Then, we’ll help you build a budget so you can save for the home buying expenses. We’ll educate you on the homebuying process and connect you with reputable loan officers. There is a path toward homeownership for everyone. 


Why homeownership?

Owning your home creates a more stable environment, one where you’re in control. Homeowners don’t have to answer to landlords or leasing agents, and many feel empowered because they own the place where they live. In Memphis, many of our clients find that the mortgage they pay on a home they own is less than they paid in rent, making budgeting easier for many families while simultaneously providing more space and independence. Homeownership is also an investment in yourself. Every mortgage payment you make is an investment in the future profit you make when you go to sell your home.


What does this process look like? 

It starts with asking for help. Our team of trained professionals are here to help assess your situation and provide support. From connecting you with immediate housing support, to creating a credit improvement plan and helping you apply for loans you need, our HUD Housing Counselors and loan officers are here to support. What are you waiting for? Call UHI today at 901-272-1122. 

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